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Seven Hills

Seven Hills is approx. 10 miles south of downtown Cleveland via OH-176 S.

Seven Hills was founded in 1927 and has a number of theories on how it got its name: the first story originated in 1931, claiming the city got its name because there were seven hills from the border of Parma to the border of Independence; the second version claimed Seven Hills was named after the seven hills of Rome; third story came from a personal account of an early Seven Hills settler, Emil Lingler – he said the name came from a 1900s golf course. The original name of the golf course was East Ridgewood Golf Course, but it was later changed to Seven Hills Golf Course because there were seven hills on the course.

Most of the early settlers of Seven Hills were Christian Germans who opposed slavery. The Froehlich family was known to help slaves escape to Canada and one of their homes, the Duff house on Broadview Road, was part of the Underground Railroad (There was a false wall in the root cellar that was maybe 4 feet tall – the tiny space was used to hide slaves).

  • The City of Seven Hills is famous for having a large number of parks. Virtually every house in the community is serviced by a close, local park. North Park, John Glenn Park, Calvin Park, Civic (City Hall) Park, Valleywood Park, and Cricket Park are just a few of the local offerings. These parks offer basketball courts, tennis courts, walkways including a hike/bike path that will link up to the Cuyahoga Valley Recreation Area, picnic areas, baseball, soccer and football fields, pavilions, sand volleyball courts and grilling capabilities.
  • Parma School District serves Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills. It also has a number of private schools including Padua Franciscan High School.
  • Population of almost 12,000 per 2010 census


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